Analysis of planetary transits
There are days when your opponent is the winner. Why not you?

The transits of the planets have a strong influence on your actions.

Sometimes it happens that everything you do is going wrong. No matter what you do.
On the other hand there are periods when everything is just going fine.

Here is the explanation:
The momentary transits on the planets of your birth chart have a strong influence on you and your every day life.

Do not swim against the current but float with it.
Use the predictable good influences for your intentions and decisions!

The fast running planets may help you for short time decisions and the slow running planets show you the longer periods - sometimes you have up to two years - to prepare and make final plans.

The analysis of the planetary transits helps you in every way, i.e.

  • How is my prevailing mood?
  • What influence do the transits have on my daily actions?

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