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My extensive studies on the coherencies of esoteric, different religions and cultures have led me towards astrology. To me Astrology is the old science with the most comprehendible plausibility. To make it clear right away:
Astrology alone cannot answer your questions. Astrology is only statistics. A comprehensible clarity of all factors, aspects and influences

Dietlinde Pereira

can only be achieved with the help of an experienced astrologer. Before you believe blindly in astrology, you first have to believe in yourself. With a combination of
the old science of astrology and new psychology, I will help you to find this faith in yourself. To achieve this, I will resort to the basic characteristics of your nature and your personal history.

Questioning is the beginning of a successful life correction. A ship in the big ocean is exposed to the wind, waves and currents. All of them cause perceptible deviations from the planned track. The captain has to check the route constantly. Sometimes we deviate from our life’s course due to “heavy storms” and lose our orientation … In this case I would like to be your “pilot” who is guiding you through rough waters and bring you back on the right - and maybe on a completely new - way.

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Dietlinde Pereira

Dietlinde Pereira
Astrologer and psychotherapist

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